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Pesky Pests and how to get rid of them the natural way!

Hello and welcome to my blog all about healthy plants and beautiful landscapes! Today's topic is natural pest care, recently a few thrips and mealy bugs have found their way onto my wonderful plants. Now I know what your thinking, Tyler why didn't you just select plants that are just resistant to bugs. Well some times you can really put a price on loving a plant and that is being sure your pest problem does not get out of control.

How do I stop my pest problems from getting out of control you might ask? The process starts by checking every plant for evidence of a pest infestation every week. Looking for either damage to the leaves or looking for signs of pest such as sooty mold. The first thing I do when realizing there is and outbreak is to remove any highly affected areas by trimming with a sterilized shears, then spraying the rest of the plant with neem oil and insecticidal soap making sure to get all leaves front and back. most pests live on the underside of leaves where the rain won't wash them off.

The last and most important step is to spread beneficial bugs to your garden! Beneficial bugs will help to eliminate the pests that kill, and cause disease in your beloved plants. After they are done with your plants they even move onto the neighbors to further help protect against them from coming back. While you can't control if you get pests or not while living in Florida you can have a professions team that monitors for pest problems and gives you solutions when they are found. Choose Greeley Greenscapes for the natural organic way to care for your garden!

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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2022

Where would I get the soap and oil, you are talking about? do you know anything about house plants?

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