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Florida Friendly Blog Series #1

Right Plant Right Place

Matching plants to conditions in your landscape can help them thrive ,once established, with little to no irrigation and few or no fertilizers or pesticides.

The key to a successful landscape is planning. Landscape design should have many functions, not only looking beautiful but also supplying pollen for bees and food for wildlife. Plants should be grouped according to water needs to allow an adequate watering through out the week. Large trees placed strategically can help with both heating and cooling your home! Having a diverse landscape with many different types of plants helps your landscape to be more resistant to disease and insect infestation.

Soil is a very important aspect in your landscape it provides stability and nutrients to your plants. This is why it's important to do a soil test and improve your soil through amendments based on soil sample testing results. Adding peat moss and compost are a great natural way to start improving the soil quality. Soil PH should be matched to plants you want to place in that area to be sure the plant can up take all the nutrients.

To keep or not to keep your current plants is an important part of the landscape process. The first question to ask is if the plant is healthy in the current location. Plants should be removed if thin or overcrowded. Remove unhealthy, invasive, and plants that require constant care. Plants should be relocated from under eaves. Turf should be inspected and in areas where it is thinning removed and turned into a landscape bed. There are many high impact plants that thrive in low light and can add a focal point to your yard.

The most important step is to develop a maintenance routine. While low maintenance plants can be installed no yard is 100% maintenance free. It's important to establish a schedule to maintain your landscape to keep plants from becoming overgrown. This helps to stay on top of pests, such as weeds, bugs, and invasive plants.

For help on maintaining or landscaping your home to a Florida Friendly Landscape give the Professionals at Greeley Greenscape a call. We can get your yard Florida Friendly certified and help your plants thrive. Certain areas in Pinellas county also have rebates available for improving your current landscape and conserving water! Let us help you escape to your personal paradise and maintain it for years to come!

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