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The Story Behind Our Landscaping Service


The time, energy, and effort required to keep your grass and plants green and healthy is more that most people can afford to spend on their day off. Maintaining an amazing looking yard and landscape is harder than is sounds, especially on your own. Our primary focus is the environment and doing our part to ensure a greener tomorrow which is why we have chosen to go electric, using only the best equipment available! Two stroke engines are know for being the worst polluters of the environment.

The EPA estimates 10% of air pollution is emitted through gasoline lawn care. Running a gas leaf blower for an hour emits as much carbon as driving thirty miles per hour for four hundred and forty miles. The EPA estimates one three horsepower lawn mower emits the same pollution as eleven cars driving at fifty five miles per hour. We want to promote landscapes and equipment that help the environment.

Adding plants, shrubs, and trees to your landscape can reduce pollutants, increase curb appeal, reduce irrigation needs, and clean the air around your home! What makes us different is we truly treat your home as if it were our own not stopping until the job is completely done. We take pride in our work and we love what we do!

Go Green: About Us


Expertise. Reliability. Value.

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