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Edible Landscaping

Here at Greeley Greenscapes we are certainly not like the rest! A landscape can be much more that just a few pretty flowers and manicured hedges. Today we will be talking about adding edible plants to your eco system!

I love to garden and take care of plants. There is also nothing I love more than to pick my fruits and vegetables, knowing exactly what has went into them! With summer starting to wind down and temperatures soon to cool it’s time now to start getting ready for your Florida vegetable garden!

One thing about Florida is the soil is really sandy and if you have builders fill in your yard it probably lacks nutrients. Here at Greeley Greenscapes we are not only pest experts but certified by the state of Florida to apply Fertilizer to your beds! Although right now both Hillsborough and Pinellas counties are under a fertilizer ban it will soon be lifted in time to feed your mature fruiting trees and vegetables!

This brings us to what you should be doing in your yard right now! One suggestion for vegetables is to plant them in raised beds to better control the soil. Placing natural debris such as leaves and sticks in the bottom of the container will both help to add nutrients as they break down and will require less soil saving you money.

Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we use fertilizer form kelp a natural source! Kelp contains a the necessary ingredients to help your plants thrive while being more environmentally friendly and sustainable! We truly care about our environment and want to keep this world beautiful for not only our children but generations to come and to do that we need a change today! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying tomorrows a day away, but we at Greeley Greenscapes believe you shouldn’t wait for tomorrow because it many never come, so take action today. Do you part protect your environment GO GREEN!

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